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Aurora Grey

RM 8.00


The morning of Raya is a beautiful and tender moment as the young ones go around in circles and seeking forgiveness from elders. But whilst everyone is busy enjoying the bonding moment during “Salam and maaf” session, you are missing out the session as you may be busy digging around in your bag trying to grab your raya packets or trying to figure out which packet goes to who. 

This year for Raya, we have come up with the perfect solution for you so you can easily retrieve your money packets, as well as keep it from damage.

Introducing the AURORA POUCH - made out of soft felt cloth and neatly sewn with a snap button attached, keep your money packets protected! You can also purchase in alternate colours to organize and separate your money packets accordingly!  Due to its size, you can also repurpose it for other use, such as keeping your lipstick and tissue paper.


Size: 19 x 10cm

Material: Felt Fabric

Opening Method: Snap button

Pocket shape: Cross section rectangle

Structure: 1 pocket

Hardness: Soft

Weight: 25g

Kindly note each pouch fits approximately 2 - 3 LYPATAN money packets comfortably.

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