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The Gilded Series Set

RM 5.00


With smells of baked butter kuih raya, freshly cooked ketupat, and sensationally spiced rendang wafting through the air, Hari Raya eid-ul-Fitr is a special occasion many Muslims look forward to. 

The tradition of gifting and receiving “Duit Raya” is a tradition that many look forward to. This year, LYPATAN has designed a new set of Raya packet design series called The Gilded Series for you to give out your duit raya in.

The Gilded Series were inspired by iconic architectural designs from the Gulf Region. This set consists of a mix from the following design:

1. “Geometrico” - features geometric etchings overlayed on marble prints, conveying a contemporary and elegant design. The shiny glimmering from the gold-stamping adds a touch of decadence to the Raya Packet.

2. “Carrara Linea” - a simple dark marble design as the base featuring gold lines intersections, with a touch of gold-stamping for the ultimate decadence. 

3. “Gauntlet Stone” - inspired by the diamond-shaped glass panels covering desert-inspired architectural feat., Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi. The monochromatic colours of black and gold definitely project opulent glam! 

4. “Carrara Cerchio” - inspired by the desert elements in the Gulf region. The curves represent the desert sandbanks, and the circular lining was inspired by the wind. The touch of the gold stamping on top of the marble base gives it a modern and stylish look and feel. 

5. “Tanzania Marble” - features opulent black marble with gold streaks that shimmers when it catches the light. The simple gold-stamping of Eid Mubarak wishes are added to convey the Raya vibes with a luxe touch!

6. “Chryso Marmaro” - means “Golden Marble” in Greek, features a classy and elegant gold geometric design, inspired by the diamond-shaped glass panels covering Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi.


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Hidden LYPATAN watermark at the back of the packet

Kindly note we will insert 6 pieces per packet, into a transparent plastic envelope.

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