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With smells of baked butter kuih Raya, freshly cooked ketupat, and sensationally spiced rendang wafting through the air, Hari Raya eid-ul-Fitr is a special occasion many Muslims look forward to. 

The tradition of gifting and receiving “Duit Raya” is a tradition that many look forward to. This year, LYPATAN has designed a new set of Raya packet design series called The Leia Series to warm your Hari Raya with your loved ones!

The Leia Series was inspired by the variations of colorful and joyous rainbow shades, its calming nature and the soft sense behind it that reminds us of The Almighty. This set consists of a mix from the following design:

1. “Iris” -  Representing the soft tones of the rainbow, IRIS represents the abounding colors of joy dispersed when quality time is spent at home with family this Hari Raya. 

2. “Lacey” - Inspired by a uniquely created creature, Lacewing, that produces a type of silk, LACEY reminds us of how a teeny little deed brings good to many; exactly like the fundamentals of Ramadan.

3. “La Fleur in Holo” - Designed with the inspiration from ‘fletching’ aka the tail of an arrow, LA FLEUR IN HOLO represents accuracy and stability, most of which is associated with our feelings of homes.

4.  “Waha in Holo” - Inspired by a nomad’s saving grace in the middle of the searing desert heat, WAHA IN HOLO was inspired by beautiful oases. Water also represents the very essence of human need, water, to survive, which Muslims abstain from during the fasting duration in the holy Ramadan month.

5. “Nacre” - Known as ‘The Mother of Pearl’, NACRE design was inspired by the inner gleaming surface of a protective shell; metaphorically related to the feeling of safety and calmness of being at home.

6. “Shelly” - Influenced by the shells scattered by the calming beach, SHELLY resembles a protective home that provides a delicate feeling when staying in while sharing joy and laughter that makes a family beautiful.

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Size: 17.2 cm x 8.9 cm

Printing: Offset Printing

Effects: Holographic Stamping

Material: 170gsm Lychee Paper (Thicker than usual material)

Hidden LYPATAN watermark at the back of the packet

Kindly note we will insert 6 pieces per packet, into a transparent plastic envelope.

For shipping costs and information, kindly refer to https://www.lypatan.com/pages/faq